Headphones read your mind and know when you need a mental break


A neurotechnology company has revealed that its new headphones can read your thoughts, a Neurable, Boston-based BCI headphone that looks like a regular pair of high-end headphones, but the sensors in the system track neurons. Your own like a portable EEG, it monitors electrical impulses in your brain, and you learn what they look like when you focus.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the system can then disable notifications, turn on white noise to cancel the noise, or even suggest a break to recharge your mind.

Neurable’s CEO Ramses Alcayed says he was inspired by his uncle to design a “mind reading” headphone, who made his own prostheses after losing both legs in a car accident.

“I’ve become intrigued by how engineering is being leveraged to improve human mobility, and thus human independence,” wrote Alcide, who holds a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Michigan.

“And through this process, I realized that in order to address these fundamental issues, I needed to go straight to the source: the brain,” added Alcayed.

The sensors are also made of cloth, which means headphones can be easily switched on and off, and Alcaide says it works on the theory that humans usually only have two to three hours of high productivity per day, and a technology called Enten can suggest breaks. And block notifications and increase noise cancellation to increase your focus throughout the entire day

The companion app uses machine learning algorithms to recognize when your mind is focused or distracted.


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