Health explains the reason for the increase in Corona injuries in Sohag: “People are taking the wrong treatment”


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Mohamed Abdel Fattah, head of the Central Administration for Preventive Affairs at the Ministry of Health, revealed the reason for the increase in the number of Coronavirus infections in Sohag.

Abdel Fattah said in a telephone interview with the “From Cairo” program on Sky News Arabia with the journalist Amr Abdel Hamid, on Saturday evening: “Most of the people have now become an expert in Corona, and it is not possible for a person to be sick and a doctor at the same time. What happened in Sohag people used to feel With symptoms, the pharmacy goes to the pharmacy and takes treatment in violation of the treatment protocol specified by the Ministry of Health to treat Corona patients, and this matter deprives the injured of two things.

He continued: “In light of people being treated in this way, people stay at home for 10 days and there is no improvement, but hospitals leave in a late state, and this has created a little crowding out of hospitals.” He continued: “But after fixing the problem, the situation was resolved, praise be to God, and there is no crisis now in Sohag.”


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