Health reveals drinks that protect against Corona virus


The Ministry of Health and Population announced the drinks that contribute to the prevention of novel coronavirus.

The ministry clarified, in a statement, that the drinks are as follows:

– a cup of natural orange juice; Take a vitamin C capsule.

Dehydration affects the health and the general functioning of the body’s systems. So, be sure to drink 8 glasses of water daily.

Milk is a source of protein, as well as zinc. Take one cup in the morning and another one in the evening. Boosts your immunity.

The Ministry of Health and Population continues to raise its preparations in all governorates of the Republic, follow the situation first-hand regarding the “emerging corona” virus, and take all necessary preventive measures against any viruses or infectious diseases.

The Ministry has allocated a number of means of communication to receive citizens’ inquiries about the emerging corona virus and infectious diseases, including the hotline “105”, “15335” and the WhatsApp number “01553105105”, in addition to the “Egypt Health” application available on phones and can be downloaded through the following links:
Android version
IPhone version

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