Health: The doctor is the decision-maker in determining the type of corona vaccine for citizens


10:35 PM

Monday May 31, 2021

Books – Mohamed Gomaa:

Engineer Aysam Salah, Advisor to the Minister of Health for Information Technology, said that the doctor in the vaccination centers is the one who determines the type of corona vaccine that the citizen will receive based on his health condition and whether he suffers from diseases or takes medications or not.

Salah added, during a telephone interview with the “Day of DMC” program, today, Monday, that the countries of the world are standing in line in order to obtain vaccines for the Corona virus, at a time when Egypt is expanding to provide them through the payments it received and start the process of local manufacturing of the Chinese vaccine.

The advisor to the Minister of Health announced the launch of the “WhatsApp” number within a week, during which the citizen inquires about the request to obtain the new Corona virus vaccine, the date and place of vaccination, and then follow up on the side effects after receiving the vaccine, noting that the symptoms registered by citizens on the “WhatsApp” service will take place. Classify and treat immediately if serious symptoms appear.

Salah stated that the citizen can change the location of receiving the vaccine through the hotline 15335, and there are changes being made on the website for the possibility of changing the location through it, noting that those who were unable to register on the website can call the hotline or go to the health unit.

The advisor to the Minister of Health added that there is a 3-day grace period for the citizen to receive the vaccine, starting from the day that was specified in the letter, and whoever missed the appointment does not need to register again, and all he has to do is press the button to reactivate the vaccine request on the website.

Salah added that the priority of receiving the vaccination date message comes according to the seriousness of the citizen’s health condition and whether he suffers from one or more diseases, and not by the priority of registration, noting that whoever was infected with the virus after receiving the first dose should contact the hotline to report the infection and follow up on developments in the case and the time of recovery, In order to schedule a new dose for the second dose 28 days after recovery.

Regarding the certificate of vaccination with the Coronavirus vaccine, he said that the certificate will be issued in two copies, one on paper and the other electronically, which will be saved on the mobile phone.


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