Healthcare reveals 5 categories that are excluded from receiving the Corona vaccine


The Public Health Care Authority stressed the need to follow all precautionary measures in confronting it Corona Virus The new covid 19, pointing to the importance of receiving the Coronavirus vaccine as the most important tool to confront infection and protect the most vulnerable groups from the dangerous complications of infection.

The Public Health Care Authority stated that the precautionary measures to confront Corona include concern for social distancing, wearing mask, maintaining cleanliness and disinfection of surfaces to prevent infection, noting the need to receive the Corona vaccine for all groups, and added that the effectiveness of the vaccine exceeds 86% and protects against entering into critical complications. By 100%, it called on citizens to obtain the vaccine and register their data on the website of the Ministry of Health to reserve the vaccine, adding that the vaccine is safe and effective.

The Public Health Care Authority revealed 5 groups that are excluded from receiving the Corona vaccine, namely children under the age of 18, pregnant women, breastfeeding women for a child less than 6 months old, who received any type of vaccines or vaccinations within 14 days before receiving the Corona vaccine, and finally the injured. Virus, and they can get the vaccine after recovering permanently from the infection.

In a related context, Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Health Care and Assistant Minister of Health and Population, indicated that the Authority has taken several precautionary measures within its health facilities with the spread of the Corona virus in some countries of the world in December 2019, including the establishment of medical tents for the initial screening of those who are hesitant to health facilities. Before entering the facility, delivering medicines to chronic disease sufferers inside their homes, as well as allocating safe corridors in hospitals to prevent mixing between HIV-infected and uninfected patients, and activating the reservation service for examination in health centers and units by calling the Call Center 15344.

Al-Sobky continued: We also launched a remote medical consultation service, in addition to a free medical consultation line in all medical specialties and to follow up on home isolation patients via the number 01552139299, in addition to participating in initiatives to vaccinate medical staff, the elderly and those with chronic diseases with the Corona vaccine, which guarantees protection for visitors and crews. Medical personnel and personnel from infection with the Coronavirus, as well as maintaining a hospital environment free from infection with the Coronavirus “Covid 19”.

The authority had allocated 3 hospitals affiliated to it to isolate Corona patients in Port Said governorate, namely the hospitals of Al-Mabara, Al-Hayat Port Fouad, June 30, with a capacity of 24 internal isolation beds and 30 intensive care in Al-Mabarah Hospital in Port Said, while 36 internal beds and 18 intensive care were allocated to a hospital Al-Hayat Port Fouad, while the capacity of isolating Corona patients in June 30 Hospital is 26 inpatient beds and 8 intensive care, with a total of 86 internal beds inside the three hospitals and 56 intensive care allocated by the authority to isolate the injured of “Covid 19” in Port Said governorate.


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