Hear the roar of a “NASA” helicopter in the atmosphere of Mars (video)


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First the stunning images appeared, then the video clip, and now NASA shares the buzz of its small helicopter buzzing in the Martian atmosphere.

And released the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the agency “NASA” in California this first-ever audio recording on Friday, before the plane “Ingeniotti” flew on its fifth test flight.

The low buzzing sound of the helicopter blades spinning more than 2,500 revolutions per minute is hardly heard.

The helicopter looks like a small insect because it weighs 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms) and was more than 260 feet (80 meters) from the speaker of the Perseverance rover, and the roaring winds masked the helicopter’s buzz.

Scientists isolated and amplified the whiz so that it could be heard, and the sound was recorded during the helicopter’s fourth test flight on April 30th.

And “Ingeniotti” reached Mars on February 18th, attached to the belly of the Perseverance spacecraft, and its first flight was on April 19.

NASA called the take-off and landing area the airport of the Wright brothers, in honor of Loebler and Orville, who made the world’s first flight in 1903, and a piece of the original wing fabric for the Wright brothers’ plane was placed in the size of a postage stamp.

The $ 85 million tech demonstration was supposed to end a few days ago, but NASA extended the mission at least a month to get more flight time.

The test flight on Friday afternoon was aiming to double the altitude by 33 feet (10 meters), as the helicopter was heading to a new landing point.

With the first stage complete, the craft can now begin to search for rocks that may contain signs of a previous microscopic life, and core samples will be collected for eventual return to Earth.

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