Her condition is critical … Nadias Iraqi daughter requests prayers for her mother after entering the intensive care unit news


The Iraqi actress, Nadia, is undergoing a health crisis, after which she entered the intensive care unit.

And her daughter asked her fans and friends to pray for her and said that her mother is in critical condition.

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And she wrote through her mother’s Facebook account: “I’m May .. Mama is in intensive care. Her condition is very critical and difficult for two days. But I ask you kindness in it. “

Nadia Al-Iraqi revealed that she was suffering from severe bleeding in the right eye, and in her statements to FilFan.com, she explained that she is in a bad psychological state because she feels that no one remembers her and does not offer her any roles.

And Nadia al-Iraqiya appealed to the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions to provide her with health insurance so that she can pay the price of the operations and that the producers use her for future work.

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