Her mother is an actress and she suffers from rumors .. Who is the king of Koura is a victim, “Ramez


6:46 PM

Saturday 01 May 2021

Books – Hani Saber:
The young artist, Malak Koura, falls victim to Ramez Jalal today, Saturday, in “Ramez Uqla Tar”.
During the following lines, information about the young artist:

Her father is a businessman, Mohamed Qoura, and her mother is the artist, Abeer Mounir.
She studied at the American University in the College of Media, majoring (Integrated Marketing)
She suffered from several rumors, most notably of a major accident and her death, which she denied and expressed her grief over the exit of such rumors.
She loves to travel and shopping and undergoes many photo sessions
She attracted attention in the series Khalsana Bashyaka and Super Miro.
She recently participated in the series “Flat 6”, starring Ruby, who was embarrassed by the Ramadan drama
She participated in children’s programs such as “Yalla Bina” and “Listen to Us”
She appeared with the singer Mohamed Fouad with her sister Maryam Qora in the movie “Ghawi Hob”
She participated in the series “I want a solution”, “Lahzat Harega”, and others.


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