Here is a replay of the movie “Al-Sharif Mall Al-Baraka” … directed by Samia Agrio and starring Aziz Hattab and Rasheed Al-Wali


All that one could wish for in this life was for Hajj Idris, he was surrounded by a family united by love and harmony, and he owned a jewelry store, and an enormous wealth to be envied.

Everything was fine, until that day came when a person known as Sharif crept into Haji Idris’ life, and what was not taken into account happened.

The Sharif appeared in the image of a pious, pious man who calls to God. Haji Idris fell into a trap, and he changed overnight, so the women of the family were the first victims.

“Al-Sharif Mall Al-Baraka” is a TV movie that Channel 2 proposes to you during this holy month. It is a work adapted from one of Mollier’s works, titled “Le Tartuffe,” which deals with the issue of exploiting religion for personal interests.

Directed by: Samia Agrio

Screenplay: Sonia Drab

Starring: Rashid Al-Wali, Aziz Hattab, Maryam Al-Zaimi, Adel Aba Tarab, Hamza Taheri …

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