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Thursday 27 May 2021

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Today, Thursday, May 27, the artist Muhammad Rajab celebrates his birthday, as he was born in 1975, and we provide you with stories about Muhammad Rajab in the text of the following report:

His family

Muhammad Ragab is married to a Saudi girl, and his wife and only son (Yusef) live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Rajab said on the program “Sahranin”: “In the spirit of Youssef, my son every 3 months I see him in Saudi Arabia, and he goes to Egypt every (Eid) who sits for 20 days and travels, and he continues my work always and is simple. from him”.


He had dreamed from his childhood that he would join the Police College, while his family wanted him to enroll in the College of Fine Arts, but he went against all these expectations and joined the College of Media, after his graduation he worked for a while in Egyptian television.

His artistic breakthrough

“Rajab” began his career as an assistant to director Tariq Al-Erian in the movie “The Ladder and the Snake” and his responsibility in the film was to help the child (Maha Ammar) to perform her role, although he played small roles during that period, such as his role in my movie “Al-Masir, Omar 2000”. His first cinematic starring was the movie “The Price of a Dozen Bad Guys”, and after that he continued to star in the films “The Mesh Engineer Hassan, Kalashnikov, Respected Only a Quarter, Salem Abu Sister”.

They said about him

The artist, Amir Karara, said about the artist, Mohamed Ragab, through his Instagram account: “Really … a big brother standing, thanks my brother and my beloved star Mohamed Ragab.” While the artist Randa Al-Beheiry said on Rajab through her Instagram account: “Big Brother, all manhood, kindness and respect means Muhammad Rajab. You live and succeed, and you live and see all the goodness, sustenance and happiness, Lord, so that you deserve them.”

The artist, Edward, on “Rajab” in the “Sahranin” program, said that he is afraid of Muhammad Rajab about one thing only, which is his culture. Big, deep and hard working. “

His disagreement with Sarah Salama

The story of the disagreement between the artist Mohamed Ragab and the artist Sarah Salameh, when Sarah said in statements to the “Al-Hayat” satellite channel, that she regrets participating in the “Saber Google” movie, which she starred with Muhammad Rajab, describing it as a black point in her life.

She added, “I loved Rajab very much and was glad I learned that I will participate with him in starring in a movie, but he is a very violent person on the set, and I will not work with him again.”

“Rajab” responded at the time to Sarah Salamas statements, on “Radio 9090”, that he would not work with Sarah Salameh again and swore to that, but refused to give details.

His suffering with depression

Artist Mohamed Ragab said, about his suffering with depression for a full year and a half, in the “Sweetest Stars” program: “I went through a period of depression for a whole year, because of the subject matter of a movie I had dreamed about all my life, which is Saber Google.”

He added, “This work was spent with a huge budget and I wanted to fulfill a big dream, but it did not succeed due to the few theaters, as the film was shown in only 20 theaters, and this number is small and directly caused its lack of success.”

The fact of his disagreement with Ashraf Abdel-Baqi

In the “Party 11” program, artist Mohamed Ragab denied the occurrence of any dispute between him and artist Ashraf Abdel-Baqi, against the background of what was reported on a news site that a strangulation occurred before filming one of the programs and asking for his wages first, and imposing the condition of calling him “Al Pacino Al Arab”, saying: “This is the talk. He is not pure, and Ashraf Abdel-Baqi is one of the nicest people and the programs he does are among the best programs, and he pre-dates his guests in their room to welcome them, and on a personal level a beautiful person. “

The secret of the nickname “Al Pacino of Arabia”

Muhammad Ragab said on “The Party 11”: “The word (Al Pacino Al Arab) appeared on me after the movie (The Party) by the press, and I did not call it myself, although I love the voice of Al Pacino, and I was attending a movie for 3 years and I was riding Horses and the movie came out, I don’t want horses, and then they said to me, “We are sorry, you are not with us.” The image is the reason for my entire journey, and because of it, Inas El-Deghidi came to me, and I saw Al Pacino imagining her outfit exactly, and I used to put her in my office before I even went into acting.

His last works

The series “Blow Mawalim” is the last drama of the artist Mohamed Ragab, which he starred, and co-starring Hajar Ahmed, Muhammad Najati, Riad Al-Khouly, Rania Farid Shawky, Muhammad Ezz, Mohsen Mansour, Salwa Othman and Inaam Salousa, written by Ahmed Abdel Fattah and directed by Ismail Farouk.

And he participated in the elapsed Ramadan drama as a guest star in the series “Choice 2”, which starred Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Makki.

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