Hisham Hanafi: Musimani is not the man of the stage at Al-Ahly


Hisham Hanafi, the former star of Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team, said in televised statements to the program “I acknowledge and confess” with Schubert, on On Time Sports: “Mosimani started his career with Al-Ahly in a distinctive way and he was the man of the stage, but these days Musimani’s shares have declined a lot and he is no longer the right man. To lead Al-Ahly at this stage, and I always expect its formations and changes in all matches, which means that it has become an open card for the competitors. “

The former Al-Ahly star denied the validity of skepticism about the historical Al-Ahly championships, saying that he played in the team for many years and race and diligence were the title of all members of the system, so Al-Ahly tournaments, which he cherishes so much, came.

Hanafi explained: “There are many needs in which I didn’t have a right to play a retirement match. I am from Al-Ahly and from his birth and I am very upset from the state of marginalization, and I find myself in any position in Al-Ahly, especially if it is a member of the board of directors.


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