Hisham Ibrahim: The events of the Pyramids match are unfortunate … and we demand an investigation of Hagad Greisha


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Hisham Ibrahim, Vice President of Zamalek Club, confirmed that the events of the Zamalek and Pyramids match were unfortunate.

Hisham said in televised statements: “The events are unfortunate, and this is clear to everyone. There was a penalty kick for Hazem Imam after he was pushed by the hand, and it was necessary to return to the fugitive, as he blew the whistle before the end of overtime. Everyone saw the match and the errors of refereeing.”

He continued: “The Football Association should banish any referee who has precedents with the Zamalek club. Referees must be chosen with a degree of responsibility. There are many good referees. There were clear and crude errors, and there must be an investigation from the Football Association.”

He concluded: “The Zamalek Committee calls for an investigation with the referee of the Pyramids match to show transparency, as it is our right and we will issue decisions that will be published later.”


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