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At a very important time, the Supreme Administrative Court issued a ruling that the technology allowance is a right for journalists and not a grant.. The court said that it is an inseparable right of the profession and without it, the journalist cannot perform his task nor put the facts before the eyes of the people, and inform them of the achievements or negatives that are happening around them.. And the ruling wins To the press and journalists at a time when people think that it is dead or is almost extinct.. He is redefining the press so that the state knows that rights should be codified and not manipulated, if they wish they are granted and if they wish they are prohibited.. The court said in historical grounds that the journalist, once he is registered in the Syndicate’s lists, deserves this The allowance, whatever the newspaper he works for, whether it is national, partisan or private, and that means that the press is the press without discrimination.!.

It is a very advanced view and indicates the sophistication of this concept in the court.. By the way, the court has originalized some concepts while talking about the allowance, to make this ruling a historical document, on which the union may rely in any negotiations it has with the government while its head is held high, as it does not ask A favor and do not ask for a good deed, but it is something that is necessary!.

In order for the press to perform its function, it must have tools and capabilities, so that it can put the facts in front of the public, so that it can enlighten public opinion about what is happening around it.. It is a message to the state at a time when it is rebuilding the media, and restructuring the media.. And the field must be opened In front of everyone to work without discrimination in the service of the country!.

The ruling of the court, headed by Counsellor Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab Khafagy, established several principles regarding the right to the technology allowance. He said, “The reason for the technology allowance is the opportunity for journalists to use the tools of the times to meet the challenges of the development of the arts of the press industry, and that the technology allowance is a right that is closely related to the professional life of the journalist, and without it, you cannot The press put the facts before the eyes of the people and made them aware of the achievements taking place around them.. The court appealed to the legislator to legalize the technology allowance for journalists, after it became closely related to the professional life of the journalist, and to re-evaluate its value, and technological armament ensures that the Egyptian press is cross-border and continental, It is able to address world public opinion and build the personality of the encyclopedic journalist in the world of specialization, which is the solid base for building an impenetrable fortress to defend the rights of society. Without technology, the movement of the journalist is hampered, and he turns into a mere employee whose real capabilities and professional contributions do not appear, and that the Egyptian press has influenced the national movement. It laid the foundation stone in the democratic building, and that the pioneers of the pen made wonderful sacrifices, and the press is the public conscience of the nation.»!.

Finally: This great speech does not need an explanation, as he reminded everyone that the press is the public conscience of the nation, and that it influenced the national movement, and without information and technology, the journalist is an employee, he goes to work in the morning, and comes back at the end of the day with a newspaper and a watermelon.!.

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