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Leading the famous competition program presented by the duo «مهيب ورزان», The most popular search trends in recent times, after thousands of citizens searched for the correct answers to the confusing questions posed in the program, in order to win a prize of 100,000 pounds.

The desire of many citizens to win the big cash prize prompted Tamer Mohamed, an employee in a contracting company, to participate in the competition program, but he ran into a new surprise, which raised doubts in him, to ask about the program, is it a monument or a fact?

A new surprise in the “Majestic and Razan” competition: a monument or a truth?

“Tamer” did not imagine that his participation in the program would end in shock, as he sent a message to the specified number of the program, to answer the question: “What is the longest river in the world?” .

The program number responded with a message: “Now you are in the draw and you can win 100,000 pounds … We knew you … Send your name”, then the message “Welcome … 100 thousand pounds I am waiting for you every day with Muhib and Razan in Ramadan .. answer .. 5 pounds / A message … for 1 point, where is the Museum of Civilization?

Soon, the Egyptian Museum’s question raised suspicions with “Tamer”: “This question was not in the program. These are other questions that I followed in order to answer them even though I answered correctly in the first question.

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The next message revealed a new surprise, which read: “Ready for a new challenge?” Questions that give many interesting points. Send ready and start the challenge », to raise questions, about whether the program is a focus or a fact considering that the first correct answer is just the beginning of entering a group of other questions in which the points are collected.

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