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A loud cry in the face of the Zionist occupation was triggered by a Palestinian woman in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Her words contained many meanings and implicit messages that made her name circulate strongly on the social networking site “Facebook”, in conjunction with, in particular, her comment: “Bakra comes from Egypt.” 100 million Egyptians, if they sneeze on Israel, they can pet it».

Palestinian Suhad Abd al-Latif: The occupation has torn apart the children’s planes … and we fear the Egyptians

This sentence was said by the Palestinian Suhad Abdel Latif, in front of the cameras of the Palestinian media, who was by chance when she passed by the house of the Kurd family in order to check on her daughter, who was celebrating the blessed Eid al-Fitr with her friends, according to what she confirmed in her first comment with “Al-Watan”, follow-up: «My fear “I had to push me to go, I found the occupation forces trying to attack a young girl, and here I had to protect Halbint.”

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Suhad Abdel Latif went on to talk about the scenes of the circulating video clip filmed by Christine Rinawi to the Palestinian media, saying that she was surprised by the presence of television, but that did not prevent her from expressing what she feels about the occupation forces, choosing some words for the Egyptian people: “The Egyptian people are authentic, strong and great. “The occupation fears him, and it was a difficult letter for them.”

The Palestinian “Suhad” is experiencing feelings of resistance in the face of the occupation, given that the house of her family, which she grew up in and witnessed her childhood and youth, is among the homes subjected to forced displacement for the benefit of Israeli settlers, expressing: “We will confront them in every way … Our youth is conscious and we use the media in a way for our benefit.”

The Palestinian woman stated, “Apart from the fact that the media and social networking sites are one of the tools of Palestinian youth in facing the occupation, but they are shoulder to shoulder when the Zionist enemy approaches them.”

The Palestinian woman, described by some as brave, said: “The soldiers in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood are choosing to attack the youth … by preventing people from reaching their homes, creating a state of terror and fear for everyone.”

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