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The pioneers of social media circulated widely, with many videos that appear in it a nurse In a hospital, she was dancing to the songs of the singer Hakim, amid great joy inside the hospital.

The video of that nurse quickly spread, breaking the million-watch barrier in less than hours on the broadcast, which caused a sensation on social media platforms, as some considered this method unworthy of Egyptian nursing, and others considered that this girl did not commit a major crime. Indeed, it has actually tried to please the patients in its own way in a successful attempt to relieve the pain they suffer, as no one knew the truth about the circulating video and whether it was in Egypt or not.

The first statement of the “Farfoush nurse”

A great controversy accompanied the emergence of the video, whose source, who is that girl, and where she works, was not known.

“Al-Watan” contacted Kholoud Ferichichi, 22 years old, from Tunisia, the nurse who appeared in the circulated clips, confirming that she is not Egyptian, as some say, and that she works in a private hospital in the Ben Arous region in the State of Tunisia: “She works in a burn center. Although I am not studying nursing in a private institute, because I like this field, and I want to fulfill my father’s dreams, may God have mercy on him, because he himself was seeing me successful in my life. ”

Kholoud works in the hospital during the study break, when the girl is about to graduate and become a nurse, but although she is still a student, she prefers to stay next to the patients: “I love them and stay happy while I am with them, because in their sense of me and responsible for them, Because I went to work here, even though I am still studying. ”

A nurse dances to Hakim’s songs

On the tones of Hakim’s songs, “eternity” dances inside the hospital, with the aim of bringing joy and happiness to the patients: “I want to make them happy, and because I love the artist very wise, because he is delightful, I decided to dance to his songs. Farfouche nurse ».


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