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When was Al-Azhar mosque built in Egypt?? .. A question received during the twentieth episode of the competition program “Muhib and Razan”, broadcast on MBC Egypt, to confuse viewers about the correct answer in order to win the competition prize, which is estimated at 100,000 pounds.

When was Al-Azhar mosque built in Egypt?

The past days saw the issuance of a competition مهيب ورزانThe most popular search trends on the famous “Google” site, to become the focus of everyone’s attention recently, so we provide you with the correct answer to the question: When was the Al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt built ?, during the next report.

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When was the Al-Azhar mosque built in Egypt? .. The correct answer is to win 100,000 pounds

The confusing question contained 3 options, represented in the years «950, 970, and 990», but the correct answer to the question is the year 970 AD, when the leader Juhu al-Skali, commander of the Caliph al-Muizz Li Din Allah the Fatimid, built it to become a mosque and a school at the same time; In order to graduate the Fatimid preachers and spread the Shiite doctrine, which was adopted by the Fatimids in Egypt, where Egypt was at that time the Sunni sect.

How to win the “Majestic Warzan” program with 100,000 pounds

It is possible to win in the contest program “Muhib Wazan”, by sending a message from any mobile phone to the number 95451 from inside Egypt, and the number 9229 from Morocco, containing the correct answer number, whose prizes throughout the month of Ramadan are estimated at 3 million pounds, that is. At a rate of 100 thousand pounds per day, it is divided among 30 winners by random drawing on the numbers related to the competition number.

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