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Some people have become suffering from (phobia) severe sick fear, I listen from time to time to annoying words (Juha first with meat is his stage), and (Whoever lacks a house is forbidden to the mosque), who is Juha who are trying to persuade him to take possession of the phase alone ?, And what is it The house that should seize the mosque’s budget.

He is the Egyptian artist, who is no longer alone in the square, and the other side of the picture is the Egyptian media, who has become competing with him with the power of the Arab broadcaster. On the ground, these barriers have fallen in the last fifteen years, the television work has become Arab, and now no one has the right to search the passport to know, for example, Dora a Tunisian or Jamal Suleiman a Syrian?.

In the past, I mean, in the time of terrestrial television, the series was sufficient to show in the country of production, now there are more than one party with an opinion that should be reviewed, the space age imposed its new law.

Historically, and from time to time we glimpse that prejudice, and it announces itself sometimes whispering and boasting about sometimes, like the famous incident at the end of the forties, when a large number of singers in the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate chanted (My brother the oppressors exceeded the range / Sabah came after Nour Al-Hoda), and it repelled With the power of the captain of musicians in those years, Umm Kulthum, for these crazy cries, through which they wanted to close the door to Sabah after a few years preceded her by the Lebanese singer Nour Al-Huda.

Some singers from time to time get involved in similar statements. A few years ago, in a statement Antari Medhat Saleh – and it is strange that one of the artistically and publicly verifieds – that the Arab singer sing only the dialect of his country, although for example – if he remembers – he will discover that the success of the Lebanese Sallam sang (oh The most expensive name in existence, Egypt.) And from this generation, you find Nancy Ajram’s balance to sing in the Egyptian dialect, and Egypt constitutes the largest portion of her balance, and if we count the number of her patriotic songs about Egypt, perhaps numerically superior to what she sang for her homeland, is it possible for us to deduct from our songs all that he presented in the dialect Dozens of Egyptian Arab singers throughout history ?. Do we forget the Emirati singer Hussein Al Jasmi, who does not leave a national Egyptian event except and has a song that we repeat after him ?, Wadih Al-Safi and his wonderful (Great O Egypt) ?, By the way, they granted him Egyptian nationality a few years before his departure, and I do not imagine that the matter differs whether he held the nationality or only remained Lebanese.

Three years before the January 25, 2011 revolution, for example, the Actors Syndicate began searching passports. We were aware at the time that the matter expressed the small interests of a number of unrealized representatives. Enforce its law; Because, in fact, it disputes the feelings of people as much as it disputes the law and rhythm of time.

We follow random strikes from time to time, and they express the small interests of those who are just looking under their feet.

Hello to the Arab artist in Egypt, despite the nose of the half talented people; Egypt was and will remain for the Arabs (home, mosque, and church)!!.

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