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10:04 AM | Saturday 01 May 2021

3 decisions against Musimani in Al-Ahly after the draw against El Gouna

Al-Khatib in his meeting with Musimani and after memorizing at Al-Ahly branch in Al-Jazeera

Anger reigns within the club’s planning committee Ahly After the tie achieved by the club’s first football team against El Gouna with a goal for each team, in the match that brought the two teams together on Friday evening at Al-Ahly Stadium in Al-Salam, within the postponements of the 16th round of the Egyptian Premier League competition, Al-Ahly’s goal was scored by Taher Mohamed Taher in the 57th minute, while he scored El Gouna scored the equalizer, player Mohamed Naguib in the 86th minute.

The anger of the Al-Ahly Club Planning Committee, headed by Mohsen Saleh, due to the team’s negative results in the past period, with Al-Ahmar’s draws, in addition to his defeat by Smouha at Al-Ahly Stadium in the match before the last, as well as the team’s inability to top the league table since its inception. Despite the stumbling of traditional rivals Zamalek in the results of some past matches.

Al-Ahly club lost 11 points after playing 16 games in the league competition, where the red team won 11 games, drew 4, and was defeated in one match.

Strict decisions in Al-Ahly against Musimane after the draw against El Gouna

The planning committee for the ball at Al-Ahly club settled on making 3 strict decisions against Betsu Musimani, the technical director of Al-Ahly club, after a draw against El Gouna, the first of which is to adhere to the deduction from the South African coach’s dues and apply a list of penalties to him in light of the continued bleeding of points that Al-Ahly suffers from, especially in the period Past.

The committee also decided to postpone the file of renewing a Musimani contract, which ends at the end of the season, until a meeting is held between the members of the committee and the final fate of Musimani is determined, which is determined through its results in the coming period, especially in the African Champions League, where Al-Ahly faces his South African counterpart Sun Downs in The quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

And the last decision of Al-Ahly’s Planning Committee came against Musimani, to compel him to submit a comprehensive technical report on the reasons for the decline of the team’s results in recent times.

Al-Ahly is preparing to face Ghazl El Mahalla

The Al-Ahly club is preparing for an important match next Monday against Ghazel El-Mahalla in the Egyptian Premier League competition.


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