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6:53 AM | Monday 03 May 2021

Abdullah Jumaa apologizes to Al-Ahly fans for the video

Abdullah Jumaa

Abdullah Jumaa, player of the first football team at Zamalek Club, revealed the scenes of his quarrel with his brother, Saleh Jumaa, the former Al-Ahly player, and the current Ceramica Cleopatra, after the events of the Egyptian Super, in which Zamalek won the title at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in the UAE during last season’s competitions.

“I received a letter full of insults from Saleh Jumaa, after the events of the Zamalek match, and he quarreled with me upon my return because of what happened to me after we won the Egyptian Super Cup,” Abdullah Gomaa said in his statements on MBC Egypt.

Abdullah Jumaa: Saleh suffocated with me because of Al-Ahly, and I apologize to the public for “strike, my bad.”

He added, I apologize to Al-Ahly fans for the video that you appeared in during the last period, with the words “strike, my bad,” about the Al-Ahly and Al-Tarji match.

Abdullah Jumaa: I will renew Zamalek in blank

He continued, “I hope at the present time that Saleh Jumaa will shine with the Ceramica Cleopatra Club, and return to the Al-Ahly club, his home, during the coming period.”

He continued: “All Egyptian players have the desire to be in the Al-Ahly club, but I play in a big club, which is Zamalek, which has a large fan following like Al-Ahly, indicating that the renewal of Zamalek Club is welcome, and the official renewal will take place next June.”


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