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12:44 AM | Monday 03 May 2021

Carteron: We wasted 6 chances against Pyramids ... and the events of the penalty kick are a

Patrice Carteron, Zamalek’s technical director, at the press conference following the Pyramids confrontation

French coach Patrice Carteron, coach of the first team of Zamalek, expressed his sadness over the loss of his team two points during the Pyramids confrontation in the General League championship, after the match ended in a positive tie with a goal.

“Happy with the players in the second half after coming back again, from being late with a goal,” said Carteron, during the press conference. “I was afraid of not scoring goals due to missed opportunities and lack of luck, but we managed to score a good goal under the circumstances of this match.”

He added: “We started the match at a bad physical level because of the pressures of the matches that we face and in front of a strong team that has distinguished players. We needed mental strength in the second half, and we went down. Shikabala “It had a great effect. We wasted 6 chances achieved, not the penalty kick that was returned and wasted time that did not count, especially if we said that any change takes at least a minute and a half.”

He continued: “I preferred to exploit Shikabalas talent in the center of goal-making, especially that if he played on the sides, he would require a lot of defensive roles and we would have needed more focus in the attack.”

He explained: “Ferjani Sassi has more than that. He does not suffer from any problems, but he is tired from the pressure of the matches and I know that, but I know the importance of Ferjani alongside Tariq Hamed in the matches, especially that if he does not participate, everyone will wonder about the reason.”

He ended his speech: “I know that the opportunity that Zizou wasted is difficult, and I know his extreme distress from this matter, but I have very great confidence in him to quickly return to his level.”

Zamalek rest from the exercises today

The coaching staff of the first football team at Zamalek club, led by Frenchman Patrice Carteron, decided to give the players a break from training today, Monday, after a draw with Pyramids in the Premier League.

Zamalek is scheduled to resume training tomorrow, Tuesday, in preparation for the Smouha meeting scheduled for next Thursday in the twentieth round of the Egyptian League competition.

Zamalek tied with Pyramids with a goal for each team in the match that was held between them in the nineteenth round of the Premier League competition.

The balance rose to 41 points, which occupies the first place, while Pyramids raised its tally to 31 points, which occupies the third place.


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