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12:26 AM | Tuesday 18 May 2021

Ceramica Cleopatra player injured in a car flipped over on the Ras Ghareb road.

Injury to the player of Ceramica Cleopatra in a car accident

Player Mohamed Gamal, left back of the first football team at Ceramica Cleopatra Club, was injured this evening in a traffic accident after an angel car number “942 RGM” overturned on Ras Gharib Hurghada Road, while he was heading with one of his friends to Hurghada, and transferred them to a hospital Central Ras Gharib to receive the necessary treatment.

Major General Suleiman Sheta, Director of Red Sea Security, received a notification from Major General Khaled Abdel Hadi, Director of Criminal Investigation, stating that an angel car with a 70 km capacity on the Ras Gharib road bearing plates number “942 RM”, had capsized, after the steering wheel was faulty, which led to its overturning. The injured were taken to Ras Ghareb Central Hospital.

A medical source stated that the player, Mohamed Gamal Mohamed, player of the Ceramica Cleopatra team, suffered a cut wound to the scalp and sporadic bruises on the body, while Mahmoud Abdel-Rahman Ibrahim sustained a lacerated wound in the right hand and a cut wound on the scalp and scattered bruises on the body, and first aid was given to them.

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