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11:09 PM | Sunday 02 May 2021

Kahraba leaves Maran Al-Ahly injured ... Hamdi Fathy is participating for the first time

Mahmoud Kahraba, a midfielder for the first football team of Al-Ahly club

Mahmoud left Electrolyte, Midfielder for the club’s first football team AhlyTeam training – after participating in part – due to his complaint of muscle fatigue, as Ahmed Abu Abla, the team doctor, preferred not to complete the training so that the injury did not worsen.

And Kahraba resumed his exercises individually, as he performed a hospital training session in the “gym” after the medical device preferred not to complete the group training.

Kahraba undergoes a medical examination during Al-Ahly training

During the Al-Ahly training session, Kahraba underwent a medical examination after the team doctor reported feeling exhausted.

A source confirmed to “Al Watan Sport”, that the medical examination proved that electrocution was fine, and that what he felt yesterday was just an increase in blood pressure, as was proven by the x-rays and analyzes that the player underwent.

Hamdi Fathy attends the Al-Ahly group training session with the medical cast

Hamdi Fathy, the midfielder of the first football team at Al-Ahly Club, attended group training exercises for Al-Ahly today at the touch stadium on the island, as part of the final stage of equipping the player.

For his part, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the club’s football director, said that Hamdi Fathy participated in the team’s collective training today for the first time, but with a “medical cast”, fearing any contact, in order to prepare him for the next stage.

Hamdi Fathy was absent from participating in the team’s group training and matches during the last period, due to his surgery on his arm after he was injured with the national team.

The club’s first football team resumed training this evening at the touch stadium on the island, after the players received a negative rest for 24 hours after the last match in El Gouna in the Premier League.

Al-Ahly is preparing to face the Ghazl Al-Mahalla team at 9:30 pm tomorrow at Al-Mahalla Stadium, as part of the nineteenth round of the Premier League competitions.


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