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08:18 PM | Saturday 01 May 2021

Majdi Abdel-Ghani on his common-law marriage:

Majdi Abdul Ghani

Confirmed Majdy Abdelghani, President of the Professional Players Association, that common-law marriage is permissible, indicating that he is convinced of it, and he does not know how many times he has married in law until now, whether it is 15, 16 or more times.

Majdi Abdul-Ghani said: “I did not know that I got married 15 or 15 times.

Magdy Abdelghani: There are no problems with Ahmed Schubert

The head of the Professional Players Association added in televised statements on the Cairo and People screen in “Sheikh Al-Hara” presented by director Inas El-Deghidi: “There are no problems with Ahmed. Schubert“For me, the former vice president of the Football Association, I also hope Schubert’s feelings are as well.”

Magdy Abdel Ghani: I am happy with the brilliance of Mohamed Salah and there are no crises with him

Magdy Abdel-Ghani added: “I am happy with the brilliance of Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool, and there are no crises with him or anyone else, whether when I was a member of the Football Association’s board of directors, or outside Jabalia, as everything said in the media is unfounded.”

Magdy Abdel Ghani demands attention to the young people of Zamalek

“If I were the president of the Zamalek club, you would have paid attention to the youth sector, and promoted players to the first team, to shake the throne of players present in the team at the present time, especially since some of them feel that no one can take their place in the formation of the team,” Al-Baldooz continued.

Abdul-Ghani concluded: “Reda Abdel-Al is a good person, and I do not get angry with him when he attacks me, because he is doing the same in the media in order to gain fame. ».

Majdi Abdul-Ghani to his brothers: God suffices and yes, the agent

Magdy Abdel-Ghani concluded his remarks: “I will not be able to forgive my brothers, and my message is for them, God is my favor, and yes, the agent.”

Abdul-Ghani had entered into a violent crisis with his brothers due to the inheritance dispute after they filed lawsuits against him and accused him of refraining from handing over their inheritance share at a petrol station in Al-Warraq.


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