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6:25 AM | Monday 03 May 2021

Reda Abdel-Aal: Al-Ahly No. 1 is forbidden to anyone, and the Zamalek Council is powerless

Reda Abdel Aal

The famous football analyst and the former star of Al-Ahly and Zamalek opened, Reda Abdel Aal, The fire on the committee concerned with managing the affairs of the Egyptian Football Association, headed by Ahmed Mujahid.

Abdel Aal said in television statements to the “Primo” program, broadcast on the “TEN” channel: “Oh, Mujahid, don’t remember and say that there is no prejudice to the league table … Al-Ahly is the strongest sports institution in Egypt, and as long as you do not make statements, you are not looking forward to declaring.”

He added: “Last season, Al-Ahly and 4 other teams had a great desire to return to the league again, on the other hand, there were 14 other teams refusing to return to the league again due to the difficult conditions that all clubs were experiencing due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and despite this, Al-Ahly club is That favored the league and returned to resume again, according to the desire of the Al-Ahly club, as if the 14 other teams did not have any presence.

Reda Abdel Aal continued: “The Football Association decided to transfer some Al-Ahly Club matches in the Egyptian League this season, because it felt that the Red Castle management has a desire to postpone some of the current season’s matches, without even sending the Al-Ahly club an official letter to Jabaliya requesting to postpone or deport some League matches ».

He continued: “This season’s league belongs to Al-Ahly, and it prefers No. 1 to anyone. The current Zamalek Council is powerless.”

He concluded: “Al-Ahly is the one who caused his players to be permanently and continuously exhausted, especially in light of the insistence of its board of directors to complete last season after a long hiatus, despite the rejection of most of the league clubs, and the launch of the new season shortly after the end of last season made its players The players of other clubs suffer from great fatigue and stress. ”


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