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10:31 AM | Monday 17 May 2021

Schubert criticizes Sherif Ikrami:

Sherif Ikrami, pyramids goalkeeper

The journalist Ahmed Schubert, former vice president of the Football Association, criticized Sherif Ekrami, a goalkeeper PyramidsAfter he caused his team to concede a goal yesterday, in the quarter-final first-leg match of the African Confederation, which ended with the heavenly team winning four goals to a goal, as the former Al-Ahly goalkeeper confirmed that if he wanted to restore confidence, it would not be like this, because a mistake The goalkeeper is unforgivable, as he causes a goal directly to the opposing team.

Ahmed Schubert said on his program on “Radio On Sport FM”:Sherif Ekramy He wanted to dodge the Enyimba striker, but he succeeded in snatching the ball from him and his goal.

Sherif Ikrami tried to dodge the ANIMPA player and caused a goal

And “Schubert” added: The late Mahmoud El-Gohary, the former coach of the Egyptian national team, used to say, “A goalkeeper is like a pilot, he made a mistake.

And the former goalkeeper of Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team continued, directing his criticism to Sherif Ikrami: “I, as a goalkeeper, did not work to dance, because when the ball was interrupted, people would not leave you, nor did it have a crisis and it had no meaning.”

Restoring confidence is not the way Sherif Ikrami did

و .شار Ahmed Schubert, Until the restoration of confidence is not in the way that Sherif Ikrami did, stressing that the result achieved by Pyramids yesterday, will qualify him in a large percentage to the semi-finals, and often he will face Moroccan hope, and what happened is a harsh lesson from which his “honor” must be learned.

It is noteworthy that Pyramids club converted from a goal behind Enyimba to Nigeria into a big four-to-goal victory in the meeting that brought the two teams together on Sunday at the Air Defense Stadium, in the first leg of the Confederation Championship quarter-finals.

Pyramids need to win or draw with any result, or lose by two goals, in order to qualify for the semi-finals of the African Confederation, which is seeking to achieve its title this season.


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