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12:23 PM | Tuesday 04 May 2021

The Football Association decides the fate of the cancellation of the Premier League

Ahmed Mujahid, President of the Football Association

Officials commented Football Association, On the rumored move Tripartite Commission In charge of managing the federation headed by the engineer Ahmed Mujahid, To cancel a tournament Premier League This season, and not completing it to escape the pressure of matches, and the ensuing clashes with clubs, especially Al-Ahly Club.

“The idea of ​​canceling the Premier League is not on the table altogether, and the league can be canceled in only one case,” an official at the Football Association said in statements to “Al Watan Sport”.

He added: “The only case for not completing the Premier League championship for the current season is that the state has stopped sporting activity, and the tripartite committee has a plan to complete competitions in all different competitions for all ages, in order to prepare the first team for the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, and the Olympic team that participates. At the Olympic Games in Tokyo next July ».

He continued: “We have invited Premier League clubs to come to the Football Association today, in order to offer solutions to escape from the crisis of match pressure, especially for clubs participating in the African Champions League and Confederation Championships, as well as the shape of the new season, the date of the African registration, as well as the dates of the Egypt Cup.” .

The tripartite committee offers clubs to play the league matches during the suspension period without internationals

The Egyptian Football Association official explained: “All scenarios, foremost of which are playing the league during the suspension period, without internationals are on the table, because the tripartite committee has a hand extended to the Premier League clubs for the sake of Egyptian football, but the idea of ​​canceling the league does not exist at all.”

The Football Association meets the Premier League clubs

The Football Association receives, at 1 p.m. today, representatives of the Premier League clubs to meet with officials of the tripartite committee headed by Eng. Ahmed Mujahid, to consult on all files, the most prominent of which is how to escape the pressure of league matches, end the competition in mid-August, and set a date for the start of the new season.


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