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3:04 PM | Sunday 02 May 2021

Urgent .. investigation with the youth coach Zamalek after the victory over Al-Ahly

Zamalek and Al-Ahly, born in 2006

A source revealed within the junior sector in a club ZamalekAbout that the temporary committee that runs the club is headed by Major General Counselor Emad Abdulaziz, I decided to investigate the coach of the Zamalek team, born in 2006, Ahmed Kamal, to find out the truth of his statements and what was reported about him during his team’s match against ParentsJ in the Republic League, which a team has achieved Zamalek, born in 2006A big victory over his traditional opponent, by 5 goals to a goal in the match that brought them together at the White Club stadium.

And he scored the goals: Omar Khadr in the 13th minute of the first half, and Ayman Amir Abdulaziz boosted the balance of goals by scoring the second and third goals in the 20 and 23rd minutes of the same period, then Abdel Rahman Ali added the fourth goal in the 8th minute of the second half, before Ayman Amir Abdulaziz scored the goal. Fifth in the 11th minute of the same half.

The source stressed, during his private statements to “Al Watan Sport”, that the administration decided to investigate Ahmed Kamal, after he confirmed that during the match, he said: One of the club officials asked him to pay a player called “Ziad”, because the brother of the official in the club works in a private company. In the father of the player.

The source indicated that the committee decided to investigate this matter and clarify the facts before the public opinion, and that the committee runs the club transparently, and rejects any courtesies within the sector, and in the event that the incident is proven, action will be taken against the official, who preferred not to reveal his name until the investigations are completed.

The formation of the Zamalek apparatus, 2006

The white team, born in 2006, is led by Ahmed Kamal, technical director, and assisted by Ahmed Abdullah, Ahmed Al-Mirghani, Mohamed Abdel-Gawad, goalkeeper coach, Sayed Salah, team administrator, Yahya Al-Sharqawi, load planner, and Ashraf Mahmoud, a physiotherapist.

Badr Hamed admits: Zamalek 2006 is the nucleus of a great future for the club

In the same context, Badr Hamed, director of the youth football sector at the White Club, confirmed that the 2006 team made a great match in terms of performance and result against Al-Ahly, in the match that ended with a five-goal victory.

Hamid added during his official statements that he was able, along with the technical staff led by Ahmed Kamal, to motivate the players during the previous time, in order to return to the right path, after somewhat unsatisfactory results at the start of the competition, and today this result was achieved with distinguished performance.

The director of the youth sector indicated that this team has a distinguished group of players who are the nucleus of the club’s future, along with the rest of the players from other teams in the sector.


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