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09:45 AM | Tuesday 04 May 2021

Zamalek files a complaint against the Football Association because of Ashour


Advance this Tuesday morning, the committee in charge of running a club ZamalekA report to the Public Prosecution against the Football Association, regarding what it described as an “incident of misappropriation of documents” related to a grievance against the punishment of the team player. Imam AshourAnd, the Disciplinary Committee had punished the player with a suspension of 12 games, and Zamalek club said that it had submitted an appeal to the grievance committee to reduce the player’s penalty, and after submitting the appeal, the club received a letter from the Football Association in response to a letter from the club stating that the player was prevented from participating in matches except after a decision was made. On the appeal, which confirms that the union received the player’s appeal, according to Zamalek officials.

Disciplinary Committee decided to suspend Imam Ashour for 12 matches

The management of the Zamalek club said that it was surprised that the appeal was not considered by the Football Association, and it was promoted that Zamalek did not submit an appeal, although the club’s official website had previously published all the documents confirming his submission of the appeal and sent it by fax as well as by hand and notifying the association manager of the file in full and sending him a copy as well .

The Disciplinary Committee of the Egyptian Football Association issued its decisions regarding the necessary penalties in the video incident of a number of Zamalek players within the team born in 1999, while they insulted the symbols of Al-Ahly Club, and the penalties included the suspension of Imam Ashour, 12 matches, and a fine of 200 thousand pounds, in addition to 5 other youths were suspended for 8 matches, and 100 thousand pounds were awarded each of them.

Zamalek submits a complaint to the Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports

The committee that runs Zamalek club has decided to submit a complaint to the Egyptian Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to investigate several matters, most notably “failure to abide by the regulations regarding the Born in 1999 Football League Championship, which requires Zamalek to be considered a winner of the championship, while another club was satisfied without a face. Right, and the penalty imposed on the player Imam Ashour, and the claim that no appeal has been lodged against the penalty, which confirms the direction of the committee that manages the Football Association towards a particular club and the suspicious position of trying to hide the grievance presented by the club, ”according to an official statement by Zamalek.

And the statement continued: “Penalties were not imposed on the basketball team, in violation of the regulations, and Zamalek was deprived of its right as the winner of the Al-Ahly match, although Zamalek evacuated the stands, and also refused to award the title of the Egypt Handball Cup last season to the Al-Ahly club without legal basis, to miss an opportunity. Honorable sports competition for the title ».

The statement added: “The Zamalek club also confirmed its refusal to appoint referees for its football matches who had previous positions hostile to Zamalek, as the Temporary Committee for Zamalek Administration confirmed that the club’s legal committee will proceed to take all measures to implement this, provided that the Council continues in a permanent session until the return of rights Club teams ».


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