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09:47 PM | Wednesday 12 May 2021

Zamalek News: Ahmed Ayman Mansour asks for 10 million annual salary to join

Zamalek news: Ahmed Ayman Mansour is approaching Al-Abyad

Ahmed Ayman Mansour, the center-back of the club’s first football team, agreed Pyramids To play for rows Zamalek With the start of the new season, but according to some conditions, “Al Watan Sport” reveals the news of Zamalek on a daily basis and an accurate follow-up to the latest negotiations of the white with the deals, especially since the white needs to be strengthened with the beginning of the new season with rumors of the departure of some of the players, including Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi. .

According to a source close to the player, Ahmed Ayman Mansour welcomed playing for Zamalek, after he received calls from El-Obeid officials to know his position on appearing with the White Castle from the beginning of the new season.

Zamalek News .. Al-Abyad seeks to include Ahmed Ayman Mansour

The source added: “Ahmed Ayman Mansour stipulated entering into negotiations in Zamalek by sending an official offer to the Pyramids management regarding the contract with him, in addition to his desire to obtain 10 million pounds as an annual salary, which is the same financial value that he gets in Pyramids.

Ahmed Ayman Mansour is good at playing in the center of defense and the left back, and this caused Al-Abyad to sign him, especially since Zamalek is always seeking to contract with players who are good at being in more than one position on the stadium, as happened with Abdullah Jumaa and other players.

Zamalek team

The demands of Zamalek fans

Zamalek fans are waiting for more than one thing that must be completed during the coming period, whether it is a renewal of players such as Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi and preserving the basic strength of the team, until achieving the African Champions League at least as well as strengthening the team with new elements that will benefit the team in the future, as well as relying on young elements in particular. And that Al-Abyad has recently succeeded in relying on the young elements, whether in the center of defense or in the middle of the field, as well as in the offensive line.


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