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02:31 AM | Monday 03 May 2021

Zamalek: We may withdraw from the league because of the Football Association


The club spokesman confirmed ZamalekAmr Al-Dardir, that the committee concerned with managing the affairs of the Zamalek club is holding an urgent meeting at the present time, in order to discuss many crucial files and issues related to the white team, on top of which is the player’s appeal crisis Imam AshourAnd Al-Ahly was awarded the Egyptian Handball Cup title.

“Al-Dardir” said in televised statements to the “Tala fans” program on the “On Time Sports” channel: “Zamalek club may refrain from participating and withdraw from the remaining matches in the Egyptian League championship this season, due to the bad treatment of the Football Association with the club, and deliberately creating crises inside The White Club ».

Al-Dardir: Jabaliyas statements regarding Imam Ashour’s crisis are laughable

The official Zamalek spokesperson added: “The statements of FIFA officials regarding the Imam Ashour crisis are very funny. We sent the appeal against Imam’s punishment on April 16, and it was agreed with the Egyptian Football Association on all the details, including the deduction of appeal fees from Zamalek’s dues at the Football Association.” .

The head of the grievances committee denies that Zamalek has submitted a grievance to the punishment of an imam

It is worth noting that Adel El Shorbagy, head of the grievances committee of the Egyptian Football Association, confirmed in televised statements that the decision to suspend Imam Ashour, the Zamalek player for 12 matches, was supported due to the failure to receive a grievance from the Zamalek club against the punishment signed by the Disciplinary Committee against the player, explaining that the grievance The one who arrived from the White Castle included the names of Ahmad Eid, Saif Farouk Jaafar, Yahya Moftah and Saif al-Din al-Sayed, and was rejected, and the penalties issued against them were upheld by the Disciplinary Committee.

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