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05:10 PM | Monday May 31, 2021

Zamalek reveals the date of his withdrawal from the league due to Al-Ahly’s delays

Zamalek team فريق

reveal club Zamalek In an official statement, his final position on the team’s completion of the general league championship this season, in light of the many postponed matches expected for the club parentsIn the competition, due to his participation in the African Champions League and his rise to the semi-finals of the tournament, in addition to his participation in the African Super Championship and crowning it at the expense of the Moroccan Berkane Renaissance, after winning him with two goals without a response, during the match that was held between them in the Qatari capital, Doha. And Zamalek added in his statement that the committee in charge of managing the club Zamalek Headed by Captain Hussein Labib, for its part, it was keen to meet the invitation of the Tripartite Committee of the Football Association headed by Engineer Ahmed Mujahid to attend the meeting that was held, today, with the Premier League clubs, as the committee delegated Hussein Al-Sayed, a member of the committee, to attend the meeting, calling for the application of the principle of equal opportunities among all clubs league in the coming period.

Disclosure of the date of withdrawal from the League Championship

As Hussein Al-Sayed formally requested during the meeting, the necessity of holding the postponed matches in the league before Zamalek plays any other match in the tournament, to achieve the principle of equal opportunities in light of the competition for the title this season between the competing teams, especially Al-Ahly Club.

“Al-Sayed” stressed during the meeting that in the event that Zamalek’s natural request is not met, the white knight may find it very difficult to complete the competition.

Negative rest for 5 days

The technical staff of the team, led by French Patrice Carteron, decided to give the players a negative rest for five days after the draw with El-Gouna, provided that Zamalek will resume its training next Saturday, in preparation for the Aswan meeting scheduled for June 17 in the twenty-sixth round of the league competition.


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