Homes in 5 states and a fleet of cars and planes … Bill and Melinda Gates’ fortune


The British newspaper “Daily Mail” said that the divorce of former Microsoft chief Bill Gates and his wife Melinda will be the largest division of assets since the separation of former Amazon chief Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie in mid-2019.

The wealth of the Gates family is estimated at $ 130 billion, as Gates is the fourth richest person in the world, behind Bezos, Elon Musk and French luxury goods owner Bernard Arnault..

The couple announced their divorce on Monday, with Melinda saying the marriage was “ irrevocably terminated ” as the divorce application was submitted to the court – which also reveals the lack of a prior marriage agreement between the spouses..

In a joint statement posted on their Twitter accounts on Monday, the couple said their work with their charity will continue but their marriage will not last – and added, “We no longer feel we can grow as a married couple at this next stage in our lives.”.

When Bezos’ divorce was finalized in 2019, Jeff kept 75 percent of his combined stake in Amazon – at the time, it was worth $ 144 billion – leaving Mackenzie a quarter of $ 35.8 billion..

The newspaper said that Bill and Melinda had already done a lot of work dividing their properties, with the divorce papers referring to the “contract of separation” that they both signed..

The Gates Empire includes homes in five states; A fleet of cars, including a rare Porsche valued at $ 2 million; An art collection that includes $ 30 million worth of writings and drawings by Leonardo da Vinci; And a series of private jets.

She noted that Gates is also the largest private owner of farmland in the United States, with 242,000 acres across 18 different states..

The newspaper said Bill and Melinda, and their three sons – Jennifer, 25; Phoebe, 18 years old; Rory, 21 – lives in their main house in Washington state, in the suburbs of Seattle.

Bill and Melinda pledged to give up most of their fortunes before they died, with their three children getting $ 10 million each – a fraction of their parents’ fortune..

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