Hossam Hassan warns his players of Al-Ahly’s uprising after the fall in Mahalla


Cautious Hossam Hassan, coach of Al Ittihad Alexandria team, His players from Al-Ahly uprising Before the two teams’ confrontation scheduled for next Thursday at Alexandria Stadium in the Egyptian Premier League this season.

The brigadier general told his players that Al-Ahly had double motives to fight in front of Alexandria Union In the Thursday match, after the sudden fall to the Ghoul in the Mahalla stadium.

The coach of Waim Al-Thaghr assured his players that big teams like Al-Ahly do not accept defeat in two consecutive matches, which will make the next match for his team difficult because of the enthusiasm of Al-Ahly players and their desire to reconcile with their fans.

The Brigadier told the Al-Ittihad players of Alexandria that they could beat Al-Ahly if they were calm and focused to end the attacks while exploiting the half-opportunities, as the Al-Ahly team would be exaggerated to attack, which opens the space for them to penetrate the defense of the red team.

The football team at Al-Ahly club began preparing and focusing on the strong Al-Ittihad Alexandria match, scheduled for next Thursday in the Egyptian League Championship, which is one of the strong stations in the journey to preserve the league title.

The technical staff of the Red Team closed the file of the Ghazal Mahalla match, which was held yesterday at the Mahalla stadium in the Premier League championship, and Musimani and his assistants began to think and prepare for the Al-Ittihad confrontation, which will be very difficult in light of the strong offers made by the leader of Al-Thaghr this season under the leadership of its coach Hossam Hassan.


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