Houria Farghali, after comparing her to Michael Jackson, may God forgive you, I lost confidence in myself, my lady


The star artist replied Houria Farghali For the first time on the campaign of bullying that she was subjected to and likened her after plastic surgery to the late music star Michael Jackson, confirming that she lost confidence in herself as a female, and refused to look in the mirror for more than two years.

Houria Farghali
Houria Farghali upon arrival at Cairo airport

Houria thanked everyone who supported her in her recent crisis, and responded to all those who were bullying in her form, saying: May God forgive you I was upset and didn’t benefit. It is said about me that I look like Michael Jackson and that I look like a monster so much so let me lose confidence in myself as a girl.

Houria Farghali
The first picture of Horey Farghali after her recent plastic surgery

She added: I stopped seeing myself in the mirror two years ago due to the intensity of the bullying that I was being exposed to, and people used to tell me (The Witch of the South), “which is named after her famous TV series.

On her arrival at Cairo airport on Sunday evening, Farghali thanked everyone who supported her in her recent ordeal, led by the artist Rania Mahmoud Yassin, stressing that the latter was the person who asked about her the most during her recent medical trip in America.

It is noteworthy that Houria Farghali arrived at Cairo International Airport, with Maghrib ears on Sunday coming from the United States of America, after more than two months, she underwent four surgeries to reconstruct a new nose instead of her nose, which was shattered by the accident of falling from the top of a horse while practicing equestrian sport.

Houria was keen to wear the medical muzzle, but she agreed to stand to photograph far from the visitors of Cairo airport, and confirmed that she would spend Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha in Egypt, and then return to America to undergo a fifth and final surgery to ensure that all functions of the nose are restored.

Houria Farghali published her first photo after the success of the operation, through her Facebook account, and commented on it, saying: Praise be to God, until praise reaches its end.

Praise be to God until praise reaches its end.
Published byEarly FarghalyIn Thursday, 29 April 2021

The artist, Houria Farghali, had previously reassured her fans of her health, before undergoing the fourth and final surgery to restore and rebuild the nasal bones, stressing that she expected to return to Egypt after a week or 10 days at most.

Houria Farghali said during an interview with the journalist Syed Ali: Praise be to God, I have done 3 operations, and the minus operation is done on Wednesday, and the doctor at that time will be able to determine for me when I can board a plane and return to Egypt, and this will stay within a week of 10 days.

Houria Farghali added: I used to remain present in this Ramadan through a dramatic work, but God willing, I will be present in the coming Ramadan.

Houria previously revealed her great sadness due to the insistence of some social media pioneers on circulating an old picture of her after the first surgery to fix her nose, and claiming that this is her new shape, and confirmed that she feels angry, and sent a voice message from her residence in America in which she indicated that her shape The current change has changed a lot, and she regained the natural shape of her face, but the attending physician prevents her from publishing the pictures until after the scheduled surgeries are completed.

Houria added in an audio recording of the “Show Light” program, broadcast on Al-Hayat satellite channel: I had two operations and the third operation I will perform next Wednesday, but I am upset because the image in circulation is a picture of me after undergoing my first surgery five years ago, which caused the failure of the operations that followed. And she said, “This is not the real picture now, and it is not how I look now.”

Houria confirmed the improvement in her health, saying: Praise be to God, much better and my appearance is completely different, and here they crippled the bone and the nail that I had and I still had no need in it, and this picture I had on Facebook and in Hacker stole it, and that’s why I don’t have Facebook, and the picture is old very.

And she demanded that the news attached to the picture be denied, criticizing the journalists who reported the information without verifying it, saying: We see who are journalists who do not know I say yes, God and yes, the agent, they say things that are not correct.

She confirmed that she does not mind revealing her image now, but her doctor refuses to reveal her image until after the completion of the fourth operation, adding, if you please, saying that this image is not real, because it really is not real and I will not display it, I will say it is real.

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