Houria Farghali and a journey of suffering with rhinoplasty … Watch her before and after plastic surgery | Album


Since the announcement of the artist Houria Farghali last January about her psychological suffering after the deformation of her nose due to many surgeries in it after falling from the horse years ago, and her nose is known to be broken, and her health concerns all her followers.

Finally! After undergoing four plastic surgeries in the United States of America, Houria Farghali appeared to the public with the final result that attracted attention.

She underwent 3 plastic surgeries to restore the nose, and the last currency is her fourth operation, so the famous star had gone out of sight after undergoing the second operation to restore the shape of the nose, and this caused the release of a number of rumors that talked about the possibility of failure of bone implants for her nose due to cartilage erosion, which is What was denied by sources close to her, confirming the success of the operation and that she is undergoing breathing sessions in preparation for the third surgery for rhinoplasty.

Houria Farghali confirmed the success of her first operation, which took 10 hours, explaining that it was very painful and then returned home, but she was surprised by the spread of news about her death and her arrival to her mother, which caused her great distress, and she asked the artist Rania Farid Shawky to deny this news.

Houria Farghali indicated that her health condition improved after the first surgery, which relied on obtaining a piece of the rib cage and some cartilage from the ear to be transplanted into the nose in the second surgery, indicating that she began to regain her ability to taste and smell, to return again after the third operation with features that stole hearts. Her fans.

Learn about the journey of Horeya Farghali suffering with her nose:


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