Houria Farghali and the first comment after her recovery


The Egyptian star, Houria-Farghali, underwent four plastic surgeries in the United States of America to correct her nose, and her first photo spread after the success of those operations, and she looked very beautiful.

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In her first comment after the success of the operations and the restoration of their natural shape, Houria said: (Praise be to God until praise reaches its end).

The first surgery was the excision of a piece of her rib cage, in addition to extracting a group of stem cells from the fat in the body, and the doctor also requested that 20 oxygen sessions be performed, in order to undergo the next surgery.

The American doctor had made it clear to Huria Farghali upon her arrival in America after his meeting with her that he would perform 4 direct surgeries, the first operation was the removal of bones from her rib cage, then the second operation 20 days after the first surgery, which was placing the bones in place, and the third operation after 20 One day after the second operation, which is a rehabilitation of a nymph to place the bones in the right place directly until it returns to its normal shape, and the fourth is the placing of the last cosmetic touches on the shape of her nose.

Houria had said before her travel to America:

(I am in the hands of our Lord, I don’t know whether he will return to the world again or no, especially since I underwent one of the surgeries in London two years ago, and my heart stopped for 4 minutes, but the will of God brought me back to life again).

She continued:

(Happy with how much love I got from the audience, I suffered from bullying for years and I used to hear insults and I did not need plastic surgery, especially because I was Miss Egypt in 2002 and the antibiotic was accompanying me while filming artworks so ask the directors).

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