Houria Farghali reveals exciting details about her nose surgery: Dr. Qali, there is no blood


The artist said Houria FarghaliOne of the doctors told her that she needed a very difficult operation, and the only one who was able to perform it was a doctor working in the state of Chicago, USA, and that he would contact him to get his opinion on whether or not to conduct the operation, which is what really happened and he agreed to conduct the operation.

Details of the operation of Houria Farghaly

Juryeh Farghali added, during her interview with the ninth program, broadcast on Channel One, and presented by the journalist Yusef al-Husseini, I actually went to America and met the doctor, but he told me that I need to perform four operations, not one, and that her condition requires continuous follow-up, which requires her to stay for a long time The period that will be subject to those operations in America continuously.

Houria Farghali

وفتعت Houria Farghaly,: There are a lot of things that made her feel how difficult that operation was, saying: The first operation I was supposed to perform was February 3 and it would take 12 hours, but due to my fainting due to lack of sleep for 24 consecutive hours while traveling from Cairo to America, the doctor refused Performing the surgery on schedule, and preferring to postpone it for more than a day.

Houria Farghaly

She went on Houria Farghaly: “At the beginning of the operation, the doctor placed a needle in my nostrils, and no blood point was revealed, so I said that if I had taken part of your chest now, I gave it to your nostrils, will you live with me and there is no blood going to your nostrils ?, and so I will have to take a part of your cheek to build blood vessels in your nostrils The first, and after that, we will start the process. ”

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