Houria Farghaly: It is impossible for me to have children due to a genetic disease in the womb


Actress Houria Farghali revealed, while hosting the “One of the People” program, which is broadcast on Al-Hayat channel and presented by Amr Al-Leithi, that she does not give birth because of a genetic disease, as she said I had a fibroid and had an operation and removed seven fibroids, and then they discovered that I had a tumor Inside the womb, and I asked the doctor whether removing it had an effect, and she confirmed that it did not affect anything, and after the operation she told me that my womb could not bear a child and that it was impossible for me to conceive.

The artist Houria Farghali added: My friend, thirty years ago, moved away from me after entering the field of acting, and I do not know why until now, and she started talking about me badly and revealing my secrets.

She continued, I felt that I would not come back after the operation, and I advised my brother and mother to be buried in Egypt, and all that I had would go to my nieces, and my brother and daughter were my companions in the hospital, and my mother came for a few days, but because of the weather and Corona, I made her come back again.

The artist, Houria, confirmed that she certainly wishes to meet someone in her life and marry him, and one of his most important characteristics is that he be good, honest and romantic, but the problem is that I always compare anyone to my fiance who passed away, and I thought about adopting a child, and I had a maid and she got pregnant from someone and told me her problem and I told her I would adopt The child is your presence, and indeed when you were born he was like my son and when he grew up and found him attached to me I took him and ran away.


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