How did Hammam Attia transform from a cook to the leader of Egypt’s soldiers? … and the story of his downfall with Faisal in choice 2


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Episode 18 of the series Check 2 I witnessed the security forces targeting the Army of Egypt’s cell led by the terrorist Hammam Attia, which committed 25 terrorist operations within 3 years after the dispersal of the Rab’a and al-Nahda sit-ins in 2013 targeting the security services and judiciary personnel in Cairo and Giza.

The artist Mohamed Alaa in the series “Choice 2”

Hammam Attia The person who embodied the character of the artist Mohamed Alaa was killed in an exchange of fire with the security services in the Faisal area in Al-Tabaq Street in 2015, and the State Security Criminal Court ruled in December 2017 that the criminal case against Hammam, the main suspect in the army of Egypt, had passed away.

Hammam Muhammad Ahmad Attiyah, 36, was born in Cairo on Sheikh Ahmed Badri Street in the Marj area. He traveled with his father to France at the age of 18 and worked with him as a cook, and there he met a follower of Al Qaeda who convinced him to travel to Afghanistan.

Hammam received military training in the manufacture of improvised explosive devices and explosives, and in 2011 he went to Iraq and worked there as an expert in explosives with ISIS, then took advantage of the security vacuum in Egypt in 2012 and returned after the revolution January 25.

Hammam, the terrorist, upon his return to Egypt, became responsible for manufacturing and supervising explosives that Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis used in all his suicide operations against the army and police, and then Hammam defected as Ashmawy and the separated officer Essam Rami from the organization, and each of them established a separate organization.

Hammam founded Ajnad Misr in December 2013, and the first operation was Talbiya Police Department, and the Research Metro, which was gathering young people how to manufacture explosive devices in one of the apartments in Faisal area.

In the series Check 2. What are the operations carried out by Ajnad Misr under the leadership of the terrorist Hammam Atiyah?

1- Targeting the security forces in Al-Nahda Square in front of Cairo University, and the death of Brigadier General Tariq Al-Margawy and wounding 4 other policemen.

2- The bombing of a traffic point in Lebanon Square, killing Officer Muhammad Jamal.

3- The car bombing of Brigadier General Ahmed Zaki in the Central Security Sector in October City, causing his death

4- Two bombs exploded in the vicinity of the presidential palace in Al-Ittihadiya, causing the death of two officers from the bomb sector, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Lotfi, and Colonel Ahmed Ashmawy, while trying to neutralize the explosives.

5- Fajir, a site surrounding the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which resulted in the death of two officers and security forces, Khaled Saafan and Muhammad Abu Saree’ah, and the wounding of 6 recruits in the accident.

6- It targeted a security position in the vicinity of Ain Shams Police Station in Cairo, resulting in the death of Officer Mostafa Shamis.

7- An explosive device was detonated in the vicinity of Talbiya Qasim in Giza Governorate, killing Captain Diaa Fattouh, a bomb officer, and wounding two security forces while trying.

8- The detonation of an explosive device in the forces in charge of securing the Congo embassy, ​​killing the recruited Ayman Salem and wounding two other recruits.

9- Targeting a Cairo traffic booth in front of the Heliopolis Court by planting an explosive device, killing recruited Abdullah Muhammad and wounding 4 others.

10- Planting an explosive device in front of the High Court House in central Cairo, killing two and wounding 9 citizens while they were in front of the building.

11- An explosive device was detonated in the security forces responsible for securing Cairo University, wounding 7 policemen and 4 civilians.

12- Detonating an explosive device again targeting the security services in the vicinity of Cairo University, wounding 6 police and 4 private security personnel.

13- Throwing an explosive device at the forces concerned with securing Helwan University, wounding 4 officers and a policeman.

14- Two bombs were detonated against a Central Security vehicle above the Giza Governorate metal bridge, wounding 8 of the recruits.

15- Targeting Captain Ahmed El Sawaf in Al Hosary Square, with his car being blown up, wounding him in Giza Governorate.

16- Targeting the Abboud police ambush, wounding a police officer and 3 conscripts.

17- The tourists’ ambush was detonated, wounding two police officers.

18- Targeting public transport buses on Mustafa Al-Nahhas Street, wounding 7 citizens.

19- He planted an explosive device at the crossing point of the 26th of July Corridor, and resulted in damage to the building and the police car.

18- Detonation of an explosive device in the security forces near the Bohouth metro station, wounding a police officer and 11 recruits.

19- The bombing of the Central Security Forces camp on the Cairo-Alexandria road, killing 5 recruits.

20- Detonation of an explosive device at a traffic point in Al-Galaa Square in the Dokki area, wounding 2 policemen.

21- The targeting of “Radobis” cinema in the Haram area of ​​Giza, with an explosive device, and its effect was neutralized.

22- Planting a bomb under the car of an armed forces officer in a pension on Ramses Street, killing him.

23- Planting an explosive device underneath a car owned by an officer in the armed forces in Dokki, the effect of which has been deactivated.

The Choice 2 series, starring Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Makki – Archives

a series Check 2 Starring Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Makki, Ahmed Saeed Abdul Ghani and Bushra Iyad Nassar, written by Hani Sarhan and directed by Peter Mimi.

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