How do you do it .. How to activate temporary messages in WhatsApp?


Want self-destructive WhatsApp chat messages? If you probably need to know that the world’s most popular instant messaging app already has a feature called “temporary messages”, once you activate this option, new messages in your chat will disappear within seven days.

But it should be noted that this feature does not affect the text messages sent before activating them and the contact will have ways to save them, and similarly, the multimedia files will not disappear from anywhere outside the chat or from the devices in which they are saved, according to Entrepreneur magazine.

Steps to activate temporary WhatsApp messages:

Open the WhatsApp chat.

Tap on the contact’s name.

– Look for the “temporary messages” option.

– Select “Activate”. To deactivate it, do the same steps. Just use the “inactive” option in this step.


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