How do you do it? .. How to stop annoying calls on iPhone and Android phones


Annoying calls are widespread among Android and iPhone users, and these unwanted calls, whether they are automatic calls or random “spam” calls, can be prevented from reaching you with simple steps, whatever your phone type, and here we offer you your guide to do so according to what the business website said. insider “.

How to stop nuisance calls and protect against fraud

• Do not answer calls from unknown numbers. Answering automatic calls to the spammers confirms that your number is real, which may lead to more calls. If the response came in error, hang up immediately.

• Never give out personal information, even if the caller says it is from a government agency or trusted institution, never give out Social Security numbers, bank accounts, passwords, or any other information.

Block odd numbers on Android

To block a number on Android, press and hold the number in the recent calls list until the list appears, then select any available form of “blocking / reporting spam”.

Any phone with Android 11 update now has access to automated call identification and prevention that helps call screening apps more effectively sort automatic calls from real calls.

Blocking specific numbers on iPhone

To block a phone number on your iPhone, locate the automatic call number in the recent calls list in your phone app, and after that, tap the “i” icon to the right of the number and select “Block Contact” from the options menu.


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