How does the Football Association solve the dilemma of completing the league?


The Egyptian Football Association is required to inform its African counterpart of the clubs that will represent Egypt in the African Champions League and Confederation Cup tournaments for the 2021-2022 season by next July.

Enough set next June 30 as a deadline for the local federations to send the teams that will participate in the Champions League and Confederation, and not after that, according to the description of the letter.

The letter stressed that the registration periods for CAF club tournaments will be on July 10, with the second period being from 11 to 20 July, with a fine of $ 250 per player, and the third period will be from July 21 to 31, with a fine of $ 500 for each player with participation from the second round. .

According to the schedule announced by the Egyptian Football Association for the remaining rounds of the Egyptian WE League, the competition is scheduled to end at the end of next September, which puts it in a current crisis.

The current league schedule is witnessing a long pause that extends to 20 days from May 28 “after the end of Round 24” until June 17 “the start of Round 25”, due to the holding of African qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

First rain

African press reports indicated during the past hours that the African Union is about to postpone the first and second rounds of the World Cup qualifiers, and to amend the dates for the remaining rounds.

According to these reports, CAF decided to hold the first and second rounds of the qualifiers in September, the third and fourth in October, and the fifth and sixth in November, with the deciding round to take place on a round-trip system between the group leaders in March 2022.

The leaked decision, which has not been officially announced by KAF, will be the first for the Egyptian Football Association to complete the league naturally, as the scheduled suspension period will be next June unnecessarily, so that a number of local matches will be held in it.

Relay cup

The Egyptian Football Association had announced the establishment of a number of Egypt Cup matches from 28 to 30 May, which can now be dispensed with to hold the competition at a later time, perhaps at the end of July or next August.

As happened last season, the Egyptian Football Association did not pay attention to the Egyptian Cup champion or runner-up to participate in the African Confederation Cup, as it decided to complete the competition after the start of the African championships.

Will the league continue?

The Football Association currently relies on pressure and holding matches every three or four days for each team, enabling it to hold 6 rounds during a period of 20 days, which is the period of the international suspension period subject to cancellation and deportation.

According to the announcer from the Football Association, the last match in Round 24 will be held on May 28, so that it will be able to hold Round 25 on May 31 instead of the cup matches, and the competition will continue in the same manner.

And digitally, it is possible to play the matches of the next rounds of the Egyptian League according to the following order “indicative dates”:

** Round 25: Starts May 31.
** Round 26: June 4.
** Round 27: June 8.
** Round 28: June 12th.
** Round 29: June 16.
** Round 30: June 20.
** Round 31: June 23.
** Round 32: June 26.
** Round 33: Ends June 30th.

Thus, the Egyptian Football Association will have only one round in the lifetime of the league, which it will be able to hold in the first days of July, nearly two weeks before the final match of the African Champions League is currently underway.

A previous exception solves the crisis

The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) had previously received an exception in the current version of CAF tournaments, when the draw was held by placing the numbers of “Egypt 1 and Egypt 2” for the representatives of Egypt in the Champions League, and “Egypt 3 and Egypt 4” in the Confederation Cup.

CAF also granted clubs excluded from participating in the preliminary rounds for champions and the Confederation another exception from the registration dates and announcing the lists of players without imposing any fines on them.

As examples of the situation, CAF had decided to grant Al-Ahly and Zamalek an exemption from the registration of players before the end of November 2020 and without paying any fines, given that the first matches of the two teams were in early January 2021.

Yallakora learned that, according to the current situation, the Football Association will request the application of the same exception with different new dates, which means the possibility of opening the way for Egyptian representatives in the champions and the Confederation to register players until the end of July 2022, especially since the preliminary rounds for the new version of the tournament will not start. Before August 2022.

One crunch

The crisis that will meet the Egyptian Football Association is the postponed matches for both Al-Ahly and Pyramids if they succeed in completing their campaign in the African Champions League and the Confederation, which may reach five matches.

Al-Ahly has previously announced its desire to play its matches against Wadi Tigris and Ceramica Cleopatra – due to the close of their dates to the quarter-finals of the Champions League – during the period of the Tokyo Olympics, and the number of postponements may increase if the team reaches the semi-finals.

The first leg of the African semi-final is scheduled to take place from June 18 to June 20, and the second leg will take place from 25 to 27 of the same month, which may cause the team to postpone three other matches in the league, so that these confrontations will take place during July and before several Weeks of the new version of the Champions League.


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