How has Houria Farghali’s features changed .. Watch her first post-operative photos … Video


Al Youm Al Sabea TV provided special coverage of the first pictures of the artist Houria Farghali, after arriving at Cairo International Airport, after completing a long-term treatment trip in the United States of America..

Farghaly published her photo through her personal account on the Instagram site, to announce her arrival to Cairo, after the success of her treatment journey and the return of her form to her nature again.

Houria had expressed her happiness with the success of the surgeries that she had performed on her nose during the last period, in a hospital in the United States of America, thanking God for her recovery, and published a picture of her, via Instagram and Facebook, after the success of the surgery, accompanied by a comment: “Praise be to God.” Until praise reaches its end. “

The “seventh day” had previously obtained special photos of the star Houria Farghali after she underwent several surgeries in her nose in a hospital in the United States of America, in an attempt to restore her to her normal shape after her great suffering for years due to medical errors from some doctors.

The star, Houria Farghaly, appeared after the completion of the operations that she performed on her nose in good condition and put a smile on her face after the success of these operations, and Houria Farghali is scheduled to arrive, next Sunday, to Egypt, and she will return again to America in August for another operation.


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