How many points did he lose in the league due to arbitration errors?


The Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Club, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, revealed the arbitration errors due to which the football team lost a number of points during its career in the league competition this season.

Al-Ahly lost its last match in the nineteenth round with a clean goal to Ghazl Al-Mahalla, amid objections and anger at the decisions of the match referees’ staff.

Al-Ahly sent an official letter to the Football Association demanding foreign referees for all of its matches, and revealed in the letter the arbitration errors and the number of points lost by the team due to those arbitration errors.

Al-Ahly indicated that he had previously addressed the Football Association several times on (1-18, 1-27, 2-3, 11-4-2021) to investigate repeated arbitration errors against Al-Ahly, and the need to find a pause about this matter, and establish the principle of justice, and there was no response from the federation. .

And it says in Al-Ahly’s speech:

– When the Al-Ahly team faced its opponent, Wadi Degla, the match referee overlooked a correct penalty kick in favor of Al-Ahly, who lost two points by tying in this match, and in the sixth week.

– In the Ceramica Cleopatra match, the match referee canceled a correct goal for Al-Ahly striker Mahmoud Kahraba.

– In the eighth week of the National Bank match, the referee canceled a correct goal scored by Ayman Ashraf, and Al-Ahly lost two points by tying in this match.

– In the tenth week of the Pyramids match, the referee canceled a correct goal scored by Walter Bwalia, and did not count a penalty in favor of Al-Ahly striker Mohamed Sharif. Al-Ahly loses two points by tying it in this match.

– The same mistakes were repeated in the Al-Mahalla match, where it overlooked the counting of a correct penalty kick for Mohamed Hani, the Al-Ahly player, and overlooked the dismissal of the Ghazl al-Mahalla defender, who blocked Mohamed Sharif, the Al-Ahly striker, while he was alone in the goal. In addition, the opponent scored an incorrect goal to win from “Fowell”.


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