How to delete your email address without losing your personal data


Many people discover that they have linked a large number of their digital services to e-mail accounts that they no longer use or have previously deleted, which puts them in big problems later on. Therefore, the “Popular Science” site offers an ideal way to delete anyone’s e-mail, without affecting On the personal data or services associated with this account.

why deleting?

Cybersecurity experts say that old email addresses are considered a weak link. Your personal data can be compromised very easily, but if you delete an email address without planning in advance, it quickly becomes a nightmare, especially if it is linked to a number of other services. Or there is a number of important data.

A number of smart steps can be taken to make it easy to delete your email address without suffering from losing your private data:

1- Discover mail attachments

Before throwing out an old email, take an inventory of the services, ranging from social media and games to video streaming etc., that you rely on as login credentials, and once you create a list of your accounts, find their policies on changing emails.

For example, some sites will send you a verification link once you enter your new password and email address, others may ask you to call and provide an identification form they already have in the file, such as a credit card or driver’s license, and as a general rule, the safer the site, the more hoops. Bureaucracy you can expect. This is a good thing, as it helps prevent identity fraud.

2- Clean up the services that you do not need

This is an ideal time to get rid of services and accounts that you do not need, such as old shopping sites, because changing their email address may cause more problems than it is worth.

3- Change passwords

During your change of e-mail for services, you can use it by changing the passwords for those services, so that they are not the same and within reach.

4- Enable multi-factor authentication

As you try to get rid of your old history in your email, try changing the system to log in to it by enabling multi-factor authentication, such as two-factor authentication, even if you intend to close your email to block the path of intruders.

5- Download the mission data

You should download your data from unused email accounts, as your inbox may contain attachments that you want to keep, such as vital financial documents and family photos.

All major email service providers offer a tool to collect your emails, although compiling the full archive may take a few days, and once you’re done, you should also download the full list of contacts so you can import them into your new email address later. .

Most email programs allow you to download contacts as files with comma-separated values, which you can then upload to another account.

6- Choose a new email provider

Often times, we choose email services on the basis of convenience. If you buy an Android phone, you may prefer “Gmail” because everything is linked to this account. But if you are concerned about Google’s policies, don’t go back.

Secure email services like Tutanota – which use end-to-end encryption to ensure that only you and your friends see your messages – are increasingly popular, and there is another great option called “Hi.” These providers often offer free or very inexpensive personal plans, usually You get paid about $ 1 to $ 3 a month and up to $ 99 a year, but provide you with the service of building your own server.

7- Transfer your messages to your new email address

After selecting the service, it is time to choose a new email address, and let it reflect your old message, so that only people who know you from that email can find you.

Once your new email is up and running, import those old contacts and send them a introductory email to alert them to the change, or if you don’t mind keeping your old email for about a month, use it to set up an automatic “out of office” message, telling your contacts that you plan to close This account, indicating the closing date, and the new address at which they can reach you.

8- Delete your old email account

Finally, you are all set to unlock your old email, and to do that you can follow these steps:

Gmail Mail:

Go to the “Delete Services” page from Google.

Log in.

Click the trash can icon next to Gmail.

Google will direct you to the steps to delete the mail.

Yahoo Mail and Microsoft:

You cannot delete mail only from these services.

You should delete the entire account on that service and all associated services such as your Skype account, etc.

If you are ready to swap, you will find the Delete Account icon clear, follow the steps in it easily.


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