How to do it .. How to set the default music player on an iPhone


Includes a system iOS 14.5 Apple has the ability to set your default music app, now if you ask Siri “Play music” or play a specific song, podcast or book, then your phone will pull up a list of applications that you can choose from, whether it is an application Spotify or Audible or Pandora or Apple Podcasts Or any other audio app, you can select which one you want to use.

According to the site, “business insider“, You can use this menu to select a default music player, just note that it’s not as easy as opening the Settings app, you will need to go through Siri.

Steps to set the default music app on iPhone and iPad

1. Update iPhone to iOS 14.5 (or iPad to me iPadOS 14.5) If you haven’t already, check again setting Siri.

2. Contact now Siri Click the side button or say “Hey.” SiriAnd ask him to “play the music” or “play the name of a song, podcast, book, etc.”

3. The first time you do this with an update iOS 14.5Then, you will see a list of available audio options, tap the one you want to use.

4. If requested Siri Permission to access Music app data, agree to it.

5. It will start Siri In Play your song request, and if you recently requested ‘Music’, that is the last thing you were listening to to complete.


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