How to do it .. How to use spell check in Word on Windows


It is in a document Word Spelling and grammar check feature, as it notifies you of embarrassing mistakes before sharing the document with others Word Automatic in-line spelling checks, and here we offer you the steps to use the feature as well as activate it automatically on Windows, according to the insider“.

How to use spell check in Word

If automatic spell check is turned on, it’s easy to accept and reject misspelled words and see potential grammatical issues.

1. As you work, you should see a red squiggly line appear below the misspelled words in your document, and phrases with potential grammatical problems appear in double underlining.

2. To see the suggested alternatives, right-click the underlined word.

3. Choose your preferred option from the drop-down list. If the word does not really need to be corrected, you can also choose “Add to dictionary” or ignore the word.

How to run automatic spelling and grammar checking on Windows

1. Click the “File” tab in the bar above the screen, then click “Options”.

2. In the Navigation Pane, click “Auditing”.

3. Turn spell checking on or off using the option called “Check spelling as you type”, and you can also choose to turn grammar checking on or off using “Mark grammar mistakes as you type”.

4. When done, click “OK”.


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