How to use and locate AirTags .. Learn the steps


Apple announced that it will launch AirTags, which is a small disk that the user can install with things like a wallet or keys in order to be able to locate it when it is lost, and to know how to use these disks with the Find My application and determine their location, follow these steps:

How to display AirTag disk location in the Find My app:

Go to the Find My application, click on the “Objects” menu, then click on the object you want to locate.

– If the object can be located, it will appear on the map. You will see the updated location and a chronological indication under the object name.

– If the object’s location cannot be found, you will see where and when it was last located. To receive a notification when you locate it again, turn on the Notification option from the notifications menu.

How to make an AirTag beep, if it’s close:

Go to the Find My app and click on the “Objects” menu.

– Click on the disc you want to make it sound.

– To turn off the sound before it ends automatically, tap Stop sound.


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