How to use the personal finance calculator from Al-Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia and how to apply for the loan


Al-Rajhi Bank is considered one of the largest banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that provides a wide range of financing and loans for many categories within the Arab world, through a simple number of steps that can be applied through through the bank’s branches or via the Internet while you are in your place. The bank is a new service of its kind, which is a personal finance calculator, which helps the citizen to inquire about the value of the loan that he can obtain from the bank, through simple steps that he can make, without the need to go to the bank or talk to customer service.

Personal Finance Calculator from Al Rajhi Bank

The Personal Finance Calculator is one of the tools launched by Al-Rajhi Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help citizens know the value of the subsidy or loan that they can obtain, based on the number of family members and their total monthly income, through a simple and easy number of steps that are represented in the following: Follows:

  • Log on The official website of Al-Rajhi Bank.
  • Click on the Personal Banking button located on the home page.
  • Choose funding, which is found at the top of the page.
  • Clicking on the “Personal” icon, and from there we choose the financing program that you want to benefit from from among many programs.
  • A new page appears before you containing a lot of information about the selected program.
  • We choose the word calculator from it, for which you need to write a lot of data.
  • These include the position, nationality, monthly income, monthly installment amount and the chosen repayment period.
  • Then you click on Calculate to show you all the details about the loan.

Ways to apply for a loan from Al-Rajhi Bank

  1. Calling the unified toll-free customer service number for Al-Rajhi Bank.
  2. Apply through the bank’s website and set a date for submitting papers.
  3. Visiting one of the bank’s branches spread across Saudi Arabia.
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